Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Update

In Janurary, Margo and I planted kale, cilantro, and swiss chard seeds in the deep media grow bed.
Luckily, These plants are all very cold hardy. So when we had the polar vortex they survived. 
They were growing  slowly but they were surviving...
And then.. we had a couple weeks of relative warm.

And everything doubled in size!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

About Us

The Sage Garden Creators
Are Charles Labedz, Margo Ameera and Sage Jakobi.

We are a family learning to thrive on an urban homestead.
Growing food year round is our goal.
 Sharing how we do it with others is our gift.
free and open source food project with 100% Transparency

Check us out on FB, updates and current happenings :D


A Geodesic Dome Greenhouse
and Aquaponics Garden.

In August 2012 we built a geodesic dome on our property. 
Located in Jefferson City, MO. 

-Our first year we are focusing specifically on high yield Vegetable and herbs such as heirloom cherry tomatoes, onions, peppers and cucumbers. Basil, mint,cilantro, and parsley.

Here is the link to our live streaming channel of our project
24/7 greenhouse streaming
coming soon

What is Aquaponics

Spreadsheet on the materials/cost/growth 
for Geodesic Dome and Aquaponic Garden:

Seeds and Plants

The List

Project Pictures

The Dome Glowing at Night

Plastic is on, next is heat shrinking plastic to dome

finished with beds and now putting on the Greenhouse Plastic 

Expanded Shale for GrowBed

Liner in the beds

The Grow bed and fish tank
GrowBed for Plants

Building the GrowBed and the FishBed

The Dome fully assembled :D

Following the design and assembling the struts

First ring of Dome up.

Assembling the bottom ring of the Dome.

Vice for bending the ends of the Struts

Grinding the sharp ends of the struts

Drilling the Bolt Holes in the end of the Struts

Struts that have been flattened on the ends

Flattening the end of the Struts

Bottle Jack Hydraulic Press to flatten ends of struts

Cheapest we could hydraulic press we could find and yes, we manually hand cranked them flat with this!

Chop Saw for cutting Struts with Jig on Door for correct sizing

The materials we ordered from Lowes to make the Dome and the Grow/Fish Beds.

This is where the Dome is going to be located in our Backyard.